Free Music


We’ve been in a lot of transition in our lives these past couple of years.  We haven’t given up on the vision we have for terce.  In fact, we are planning on coming at you full-force starting in July.

What’s in store:

Facebook Live Discussion with Eric and Risa – these will cover topics centered around faith and spirituality, as well as some practical topics.

Facebook Live Concerts with terce.  – Risa, Lilly, and Aggie have been practicing and look forward to starting these concerts back up.

Daily Quotes on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages – More content.  More love. 🙂

2-4x a month we’ll post Youtube videos of us singing, discussing, or being silly.

And we’re still trying to figure out how to do this, but we want there to be some sort of on-line community for those who want to participate in discussion or be encouraged.

For now, you can download these songs for FREE at the link:



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