Never Thought I’d Be Here Again…

I never thought I'd be in a place where I'd rather be in a spirit-filled worship service with a congregation of fellow believers. I never thought that I'd desire to sing worship music again as a part of my calling… at least I didn't think I would until I died and was doing it for eternity in heaven. I never thought that I'd be right HERE, in a hotel room in the middle of nowhere after having sang at a gig some music that touched people. All I want to do is worship Him, but part of me doesn't know how anymore.

I don't mean that I haven't praised Him with my lips in prayer all these years, because I have. I've never cursed Him even in our greatest storms, and there have been some hurricanes. I've asked Him "why?" plenty of times hasn't He vindicated us, but I ultimately just focus on how He has protected us and thanked Him for it.

I've worshipped Him in private. I've sang a few worship songs and hymns on-line by myself and with my girls. We have sat on our front porch or at our dining table and sang hymns. But corporate worship has been something I have been stand-offish about.

I'm not into hype. I am not a fan of churches having a light show and an expensive sound system. I'm not saying God can't be there in the middle of that, but it tends to make me cringe a bit.

However, I can't wait until I am in a service where all believers are joined together in genuine love for God. I can't wait for that purity of worship that comes when fears are cast aside and trust is embraced. I feel it is close. I can't wait. I also never thought I'd be here again.

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