about terce.

A handful of years ago, God put it on my heart to start up a collective.  The word “terce” stood out to me. Terce is the third hour of prayer implemented by the ancient church fathers, the Apostles.  The various times of prayer were also done by the Hebrew people before Christ came. (Daniel 6:10)  Terce is the hour which the Holy Spirit descended upon the believers assembled in the Upper Room. (Acts 2:15) The time of prayer is used to ask the Holy Spirit to assist through the difficult times that may happen throughout the day.  It is also said that Christ began the agony of the cross on the third hour, but this is just traditional speak.

I have tried to start it up various times with my family, but every time, it seems to fall to the wayside.  At first it was because of my trying to push my own music career, in addition to giving this little bit to God on the side.  Then I tried to get the family involved, while still doing the music, but their heart wasn’t 100% in it. I got tired trying to juggle it all.

Recently, however, my husband has been interested in it.  I’ve wanted to work on it more, but was wanting to wait for God’s timing.  For so many years, my life has been my music or my ministry, while Eric worked.  However, in early February, God began to work on both of our hearts about working together, hand-in-hand, in ministry.  We felt the need to stop saying “I” and “me”, and start saying “we”.  I admit that I am finding it hard to break the habit. (smiles)  The thought of saying “us” and “we” in ministry makes my heart glad, though.

So, WE are doing this “terce.” thing together. Eric and I will be the mainstays.  So far, our kids will be joining us whenever they can, but we understand that they have their own interest and things that they are pursuing.  In the future, we’d love to have people submit articles, or works of art, or poetry on our site.

Another goal that we will be implementing is a section centering on healing for those hurt and embittered towards the body of Christ, particularly prophets.  God has put this on my heart, and it will take time, since it is something that I am finishing up doing myself.  The final stages of this have arrived, and God has given me a lot of insight recently on how to walk it out.

I hope that you will join us on this journey!

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