about terce.

terce. is:

Christian music collective, started by Risa Kopp, involving the members of her family.    Erisa’s vision for terce. is to bring music and other forms of art, as well as written articles, that will provoke thought in people’s minds, start motivating conversation and ignite souls to bring about change around them.

Erisa is embarking on her journey with terce., along with her husband, Eric, as well as her two oldest daughters, Lillian and Abigail.  All of the Kopps have a heart for loving people and for social and spiritual change.  Their wish is that the blog posts, songs, artwork, and videos will spark that in people’s lives and in turn, have the people in their circles affected for good too.

terce. member introduction: I’m Risa. I’m the mom of the other two members. I’ve been doing music for many years, including 14 years professionally. I play guitar and write songs, as well as sing lead vocals for terce. I am spunky, but compassionate. I love to write things that make people think, whether blog posts or songs.

Erisa Rei NASH HAT

Terce. member introduction: This is Lilly. She is naturally-gifted in music, having taught herself how to play piano. She sings BGVs for terce., and some lead vocals too. If you haven’t heard her ethereal voice accompanied by her piano playing while singing her own songs, then you are missing out. Very creative young lady! 

lilly terce

Terce. member introduction: This is Aggie. She sings BGVs, but is working on her powerful voice. She also is learning how to work with a loop, and keys. She is fantastic at graphics, and is a social butterfly. Happy and positive, she is our comic relief. ❤️

aggie terce

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