9.6/10 for "Seal Upon My Heart" album from One Man in the Middle 

Rob Allwright blessed our socks off with his review of our new album on his site, "One Man In the Middle".  He really delved into the heart of the album, and in doing so really grasped what we are about as a family and as a trio.  Thank you so much, Rob!  

Read it here: https://onemaninthemiddle.com/music/seal-upon-my-heart?fbclid=IwAR1Uk6R0WxKxM9_qKa4NKzznViF5mXfiiv53rSqz10_gtJGwCua8qtSUISI


More Progress 

Lilly and I have been in the studio some more. A few weeks ago, Lilly cut her piano tracks, and last week we tracked guitars with Tim Galloway.  Our producer, Brent Hendrich, has done such a splendid job choosing musicians for the project.  There is very little in any genre like our music, let alone in Christian music.  We didn't always hold to the industry rules, and therefore, the music is what we hope is tastefully artistic.

First NOTE! 

Lilly and I have been in the studio recording with Nashville producer, Brent Hendrich.  We've both worked with Brent individually, and appreciate his kindness, and also his ear and his talent.  So it was a no-brainer for us to work with him together for our first terce. album. 

We started a few weeks ago cutting scratch tracks.  This was followed up the next week with a few days of drums from the FANTASTIC Chris Brush.  Last week, we cut bass with Brian Allen.  His bass stylings are like butter.  These two guys have really impressed us with their talent.  They are nice guys too.   We have a couple of weeks off and then Lilly will be heading into the studio to record her piano parts. 

We should be done with the album and release it by the end of 2021, but if not, I can (mostly) guarantee that it will be ready by January 2022.