Inspiresong 2018

I got back yesterday from a worship songwriting conference called Inspiresong.  It was held in Aspen, CO.  Keith and Sue Mohr, and Crosspoint Community Church in Aspen put it on.  My music friend, Sam Scales, has went every year.  I felt that I was supposed to go this year, and I’m so glad that I did.

Sam picked me up from the airport on Tuesday, and we stayed with friends of hers in Arvada.  I loved spending hours talking to Sam.  I think it is cool that we have gotten closer and closer to each other as the years have progressed.  She is definitely a God-connection.  I’m so thankful for her encouragement and biblical guidance.

risa and sam


On Thursday, we traveled to Aspen.  I met another person named Aggie, like my daughter, (who is also a member of Terce.)  She is very artistic and enthusiastic like my Aggie.  Aggie Brooks, one of my roommates, took these pictures of me singing.

During the daytimes, there was a panel of industry people from Word Worship in Nashville, as well as Ian Eskelin, a producer, and Paul Herman from CCLI.   During the evening there was a writer’s round of professional Nashville songwriters, an open mic, and a night to perform our co-write. I sang one of my songs on open mic night, which opened up a door of opportunity for us.

I’m thankful that I went.  I met a lot of wonderful people, such as my roommates, Aggie and Dora.  I also got my answer concerning the direction in music that I’m supposed to go.  That answer is to concentrate specifically on Terce. with the girls.  Since this has been a vision of mine for 5 years, I’m happy to be finally able to focus on it.  We spent all this morning working on a business plan.

terce girls

Now that we’ve gotten a “yes” from God, we will be posting a lot more on all social media sites, as well as releasing a video of some sort every week on our Youtube channel.  You should subscribe to our channel, so you know when it is happening.

Lilly, Aggie, and I are looking forward to digging in and working for the glory of God.


We are BECOMING Righteous, NOT are.

We are NOT the righteousness of God. We are BECOMING the righteousness of God IN Christ. 2 Corinthians 5:21, because of faulty translations, is often misused to fit incorrect doctrine. I’m not sure if this is intentional to fit a more deceptive doctrine later on, or if it is just a lack of study on the behalf of the teacher. Either way, it makes me go “hmm”.
The Interlinear Bible which is the direct Greek translation of Scripture of 2 Corinthians 5:21 says that we are “becoming” the righteousness of God in Him (Christ). This becoming is “ginomai” which means to “emerge, become, transitioning from one point (realm, condition) to another. According to Strong’s Concordance it’s not the same as the verb “eimí” which means “to be”, as in a state of already “being”. “Ginomai” denotes growth into a different state.
Also, the entire chapter of 2 Corinthians 5 talks about what we WILL attain someday, as in we aren’t there already. We are NOT the righteousness of God right now. We are becoming it as we choose to do what is right. We do have to choose to put on His righteousness, (Romans 6:16). We have mortal bodies that sin, (Romans 6:12). While we no longer are under the law of sin and death, because of salvation (Romans 8:2) we do still struggle against it, (Hebrews 12:4).
This doctrine that we ARE God’s righteousness is sly and deceptive. To reiterate, right there in the actual Greek translation, it says we are “ginomai” or “transitioning” into righteousness IN CHRIST. There are many Scriptures which talk about putting ON righteousness, that fit along with what I am saying. We are not righteous, as in a state of being righteous like God is. That is a different verb in the Greek, “eimí”, and isn’t used in 2 Corinthians 5:21.