Strong in Word and Spirit

The other day I posted the following note on my personal page. The things that God shows me are not always easy to post, as they are sometimes counter to the current Christian culture. Sometimes they irk people I know and love, but I have to post them anyway.

Just yesterday I was talking to Eric about how tired I am of writing and talking of things that God shows me, because it often feels like it does more to anger people than encourage them. In my opinion, people are way too defensive of their doctrine. God will have His way no matter what any man says, so why not relax and trust if it is a message from Him, it will come to pass? 🤔

Anyway, below is the post I wrote, followed by the link to a prophecy from Smith Wigglesworth that touches on the same idea of balance that I felt to address just a couple of days ago.

Here it is:

I feel that the church, in general and non-specific, is becoming a place more centered on thrilling experiences, instead of a people focused on becoming stronger in the Bible and doctrine. There is a self-indulgent behavior that I was a part of in the past that merely served myself, and made me feel good.

What happened is an elitist mentality became a part of who I was, and it was no longer the righteousness of Christ that I wore, but my own self-righteousness. I lost hold of grace. I became self-centered or church-centered, instead of Christ-centered. Jesus ministered to more than those that were in his inner circle. It was an inward thing, that spread outward.

The church needs a lot more balance than it has. It is either too wishy-washy, wanting to be thrilled by spiritual phenomenon, and weak in searching out the meat of the Word, or too dry, having a strong biblical foundation, but abandoning all of the power of the Holy Spirit. And in all of these areas, the church is doing too little to reach the lost. We are too comfortable within our church walls. We are too self-centered, and “ME”-oriented. I think that this is a shame.


Here is the link to the Smith Wigglesworth prophecy: