Give to God What is God’s

When it comes to the worship community, I think some people get a little too upset whenever others don’t always give what’s considered a godly answer to all the compliments directed their way– regardless of whether the compliment itself was godly or not.

All the time, I hear people give compliments that are very based in practicality, or the opinion of the world. For example, if someone were to be complimented on their voice, and the complimented person was to reply with a simple, “Thank you, I’ve been practicing a lot,” some would think that response inappropriate. They would perhaps perceive the answer as vain or egotistical or indifferent, at the very least. Some would wonder why the glory wouldn’t be directed to God instead of themselves.

And I think that thought-process has some reasonable sides to it. The glory should technically go to God. He gives each person a voice, and usually, he also gives each person the inspiration and strength to practice and improve it. But try looking at it from this light: the way people state the voice should sound is not the basis of worship music, or worship in general. It is only the decoration, the cherry on top to make it more appealing at first glance. The real stuff is underneath. In fact, vocal merit is a musical demand imposed on us by the secular world. From the practical perspective, it’s more pleasant and profitable to have someone with an amazing voice as opposed to someone who doesn’t.

That’s why it seems a little confusing to me whenever some people reply to “Wow, your voice is amazing!” with some reply like “Oh, to God be the glory!” To me, it seems backwards to glorify something that we improve mostly because the world demands it of us. We don’t improve our voice just because of God. Honestly, we just want to sound good. And that’s okay! I think it’s reasonable to want to sound good; more people listen that way. But I think things that are imposed on us by the world should be replied with an answer just as worldly. The world says, “You have a great voice!” The world replies back, “Thanks, I’ve been working really hard!”

Now let’s consider compliments that are not based in what the world requires. Say someone approached a member of a worship team and said, “The last song really touched me.” It becomes obvious that an answer like “Thank you, I’ve been working really hard,” doesn’t quite fit the bill anymore. I think this is because this is a case where the glory does go to God, in a way that is undeniable. Being touched by God has absolutely nothing to do with us. We may be vessels (our voice is a part of that), but what that vessel holds is not from us. God touching us has nothing to do with the world or what it requires. It becomes clear that a “godly” compliment (“this song touched me”) should be a kind of question that is replied to by directing the credit to God.

“Then Jesus said to them, “Give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.” And they were amazed at him. – Mark 12:17

Post by Lilly Kopp

Inspiresong 2018

I got back yesterday from a worship songwriting conference called Inspiresong.  It was held in Aspen, CO.  Keith and Sue Mohr, and Crosspoint Community Church in Aspen put it on.  My music friend, Sam Scales, has went every year.  I felt that I was supposed to go this year, and I’m so glad that I did.

Sam picked me up from the airport on Tuesday, and we stayed with friends of hers in Arvada.  I loved spending hours talking to Sam.  I think it is cool that we have gotten closer and closer to each other as the years have progressed.  She is definitely a God-connection.  I’m so thankful for her encouragement and biblical guidance.

risa and sam


On Thursday, we traveled to Aspen.  I met another person named Aggie, like my daughter, (who is also a member of Terce.)  She is very artistic and enthusiastic like my Aggie.  Aggie Brooks, one of my roommates, took these pictures of me singing.

During the daytimes, there was a panel of industry people from Word Worship in Nashville, as well as Ian Eskelin, a producer, and Paul Herman from CCLI.   During the evening there was a writer’s round of professional Nashville songwriters, an open mic, and a night to perform our co-write. I sang one of my songs on open mic night, which opened up a door of opportunity for us.

I’m thankful that I went.  I met a lot of wonderful people, such as my roommates, Aggie and Dora.  I also got my answer concerning the direction in music that I’m supposed to go.  That answer is to concentrate specifically on Terce. with the girls.  Since this has been a vision of mine for 5 years, I’m happy to be finally able to focus on it.  We spent all this morning working on a business plan.

terce girls

Now that we’ve gotten a “yes” from God, we will be posting a lot more on all social media sites, as well as releasing a video of some sort every week on our Youtube channel.  You should subscribe to our channel, so you know when it is happening.

Lilly, Aggie, and I are looking forward to digging in and working for the glory of God.