Anyone Else Have a Lot of Questions?




  • What is the most effective way for me to reach people?
  • How can I get the church motivated to get outside the walls of their local buildings in the name of Christ?
  • What does God want me to do in order to accomplish these things?
  • I am a singer-songwriter.  I have a somewhat flourishing business in the non-Christian market, where I “sneak” in songs about faith and God.  Should I give that up?
  • I have Christian songs that I write.  Should I do that instead?
  • I see the body of Christ fumbling and bumbling in their methods to get people to attend regularly, but church attendance has been declining for decades. Should I do music to get THEIR attention?
  • Am I that effective of a person at all?  I mean, I mess up… A LOT.
  • Because I mess up a lot, and admit it, does that mean that I am relatable or just ridiculous?
  • The church seems to ignore me a lot.  Is this because I speak truth and I should keep going doing what is difficult?  Or…
  • Should I just leave them to whatever messes they are up to until they listen to someone, and “preach” where I’m wanted?

Yep.  I’ve got lots of questions.

Clearing an Old Path

by Erisa Rei Kopp

So far, I have released two songs under the terce. name.  I haven’t pushed for publicity concerning them; I merely released them.  I wasn’t sure which path I was going to take with my music.  I’ve always felt pulled in two directions, but that might be because of God showing me years ago that I would be a bridge.  (That’s another blog post, in and of itself.)  Regardless, I had released those two songs, and then worked on my other music, intended for general audiences.  I was content with that for awhile.

Then I hit a WALL.  If you are going 2 mph and you hit a wall, it doesn’t hurt as much as it does when you are going 50 mph.  I was going pretty fast when I hit mine a couple of weeks ago.  I think it was God’s way of getting my attention.  I won’t bore you with the details, but I was traveling a 13 hour trip to home after a small mini-tour to the East Coast.  I had a few things that were cool in the tour, but a couple of things went really wrong, mainly travel situations.  I had a lot of fun with my friend and accompanying guitar player, but it was, in all, a very exhausting trip, finished off with a pretty disappointing last gig.  So I had that LOOOOONG drive home to think about it.  It was about halfway through when I had my “come-to-Jesus” so-to-speak.

I started out doing music in the Christian format.  After a series of devilish blows, in 2010 I found myself too broken to continue creating Christian content.  I was disheartened, distrusting, and bitter.  I didn’t feel like an appropriate vessel to speak to people about God, and honestly, I probably wasn’t one.  So I rested, and healed.  And grew thicker skin…

Back to the present, God spoke to me on that trip about it being time to start it up again.  (My label also expressed interest in me doing Christian music again.)  This time, I’m not alone.  My daughters, Lillian and Abigail, have begun to write songs. We are still in the beginning processes, but we are all creating and singing together.

Terce. isn’t going to be only about music now either.  We are adding more mediums for people to hopefully appreciate.  My husband, Eric, is planning on writing some blogs.  My children will too.  We are adding thought, conversations, art, poetry, music, videos, etc.

There will be new music coming within the next year or two, AND my oldest two kids are going to sing on it!  Eric will not be.  You’re welcome. 😉

So, we’re clearing an old, rarely used path.  Only this time, we’re doing it together.