Call for Purity

Since August 2017, God has had me on a journey for more purity.  I don’t know if your journey is supposed to look like my journey, but I can tell you that there has been a lot of growth in my life since I made that decision to do what God was asking of me.  That has even come in layers though. God required it in one area of my life, then He touched another one when I was solid in the first.  Maybe it is just the calling I have on my life that He is requiring this.  Maybe He calls all of His children to it, but some don’t listen.  All I know is that I don’t want to be responsible for the spiritual death of anyone, just because I chose to not heed God’s call for purity in my life.

“He will deliver even one who is not innocent,
    who will be delivered through the cleanness of your hands.” – Job 22:30

Specific things that He was requiring of me concerned what I listened to as far as music goes, and watched, as far as TV and movies go.  Like I mentioned before, this is what God was requiring of me.  I don’t feel the need to push that onto anyone else.  Let the Holy Spirit lead you, but if you are wishing that you were closer to God, these things do put a residue on your spirit.

But what I will do is let you in on why this might be a good thing for you too.  Not only was it easier to get into the presence of God, to read the Bible more clearly, to be more sensitive to the Holy Spirit, and to worship more freely, but it gave me something that I thought I didn’t have much of: TIME.

Since I stopped listening to music that wasn’t God-inspired, and stopped watching TV shows and movies with lewd behavior, cuss words, and the like, I have had SO MUCH TIME.  I’ve had time to dedicate to God and actually spend time with people in the body of Christ.   I do have days that I will watch homesteading videos on YouTube, or episodes of cooking shows, but they are clean time-wasters. They aren’t leaving the filth of the world on me.

My purpose for the post is to urge you to understand that you DO have time.  Most people have more time than they realize.  They just choose to relegate it to something different than God.  And I feel so strongly that we are running low on time.  Things are shifting around the world.  Sin is more rampant, within and outside of the church.  False doctrine is radically growing as a “new truth” and milk-fed Christians are gobbling it up like meat, instead of the candy that it is.  Truth is being traded for lies.  Those that speak truth are being persecuted on all levels, from rejection to death, in other countries.  

And the Harvest is ripe.

The laborers are few.