You are Valuable.

This is on my heart. There is someone out there who has been taking verbal abuse from a loved one. You feel that somehow you deserve their words. You feel that you can change it, if only you keep trying and keep praying. You hope that God can change the situation.You have value

He can, but there is a stipulation. That person has to WANT to change. Their remorse has to go deeper than just being caught. Repentance can’t be shallow, or it is just a band-aid on a festering wound.

If this touches anyone today, please read this next paragraph carefully:

You have value. You are beautiful. You are worth good things. You are worthy of love. You are worthy of healthy relationships. You are enough- RIGHT NOW. You are enough- JUST AS YOU ARE. You are loved.

“A Better Resurrection”

I have no wit, no words, no tears;
         My heart within me like a stone
Is numb’d too much for hopes or fears;
         Look right, look left, I dwell alone;
I lift mine eyes, but dimm’d with grief
         No everlasting hills I see;
My life is in the falling leaf:
         O Jesus, quicken me.


My life is like a faded leaf,
         My harvest dwindled to a husk:
Truly my life is void and brief
         And tedious in the barren dusk;
My life is like a frozen thing,
         No bud nor greenness can I see:
Yet rise it shall—the sap of Spring;
         O Jesus, rise in me.


My life is like a broken bowl,
         A broken bowl that cannot hold
One drop of water for my soul
         Or cordial in the searching cold;
Cast in the fire the perish’d thing;
         Melt and remould it, till it be
A royal cup for Him, my King:
         O Jesus, drink of me.Better Resurrection - C. Rossetti

Recalibrate. Often.

What is God looking for in people to act on his behalf? I don’t think it’s about capability, ability, credentials, or confidence.  I believe He asks for availability and humility.  In Isaiah 6, the author talks of his weakness and the angel of God’s cleansing.  This speaks to me of humility. Isaiah realizes His inadequacy, but God comes in and links his ability.   Only then was Isaiah able to answer God’s question of “Who will go?” with “Here I am. Send me!”

Most Christians are willing to serve God. The dilemma comes from going in humility.  We must recognize our flawed humanity, which is weak. It really gets in the way what God is trying to do in the earth, including inside our own lives.  A constant baseline of humility is needed for the holiness of God.  His guidance by the Holy Spirit is necessary to know what to speak and when to.

This sounds terribly hard when I think about it, but it really isn’t when I just let go of my weaknesses and try to apply one little thing to my life:  Recalibrate.  Sync with God often.  Download the updates to my direction in life.

I can’t worry about making a mistake in this. As humans we will naturally veer off course. Recalibration with God will cause many course corrections However, it will keep us saying and doing what God wants us to in our sphere of influence.  This is what humility really is. It’s realizing that we are often wrong and seeking a path to make it right. This can come in the form of wise counsel- both God’s or man’s.

Pride is the opposite of this.  It rarely corrects its course, because it knows best.  It’s dogmatic; utterly sure of its structure.  Pride will speak its will without even a second thought of the possibility of being wrong.  Pride says it has the credentials, the capability, and the confidence to not worry about outside thought. It can’t even apply a common sense introspection as to who, what, where, when, why or how something should be done.

In all of this, I really don’t feel worthy to speak on God’s behalf on any subject, but I’m going to be obedient and try.  When I fail, I’ll call out to God for His help.  If we all make ourselves available, stay humble, and remain honest, we can all accomplish much for the kingdom of God.