Basic Recording Info

Produced in Nashville, TN, by Brent Hendrich of WestEnd Productions
Drums- Chris Brush
All Electric and Acoustic Guitars, except Acoustic on “Seal Upon My Heart” – Tim Galloway
Bass Guitar, Cello and Contrabass – Brian Allen
Piano, Synth, Pads – Lilly Kopp
Fiddle – Jimmy Herman
Auxiliary Instruments – Jimmy Herman and Tim Galloway
Additional programming and sounds – Brent Hendrich and Jonathan Bailey
Lead Vox and BGVs by Aggie Kopp, Lilly Kopp, and Risa Kopp
Acoustic guitar on “Seal Upon My Heart” by Risa Kopp

“Light of the World” and “Face Like Flint” written by Aggie Kopp, Lilly Kopp, and Erisa Rei Kopp

“Living Dust”, “Run With the Lion”, “Seal Upon My Heart” and “Ancient of Days” written by Lilly Kopp and Erisa Rei Kopp

“Melt Like Wax” and “My Heart To You” written by Lilly Kopp

“Greater Love”, “Belong To You”, “Spirit I Need You” and “Come” are written by Erisa Rei Kopp


Face Like Flint
By Aggie, Lilly & Risa Kopp/
Pesky Fly Music & Absurdology Media & Wisenheart Music 2020

Verse 1:
I will not run from the heat of the battle
I stay fierce in the face of the storm
I have a God who has went before me
I trust in You, the battle’s won

Pre-chorus 1:
When I long to turn away from the chaos
You make me strong so I can stand in Your freedom

I set my face like flint
I set my face like flint
I won’t be moved, no
I will lift up my eyes
I will lift up my eyes
And depend on You, Lord

Verse 2:
I will not fear the scorn of the people
I am not moved by what I see
I’ll fight the fight that is set before me
In You I’ve won the victory

Pre-chorus 2:
When I am in the flames in the furnace
You will save and I know you are able