terce. - what's that?

We are "terce.", a mother/daughter duo based out of the Nashville, TN, area.  Our primary focus in our music is to create a song that conveys the message of the Gospel, and to show people who God is.  Our sound is a mash-up of roots music stylings and art-pop, piano-driven riffs in songs about God and, even better, to God.   We desire healing, deliverance, and revival to come from our music.  We long to see a harvest of souls. We want people's hearts kindled to burn for Jesus.  

Terce in the conventional sense is the third hour of traditional liturgical prayer.  It is also the hour that the Holy Spirit descended upon those gathered in the Upper Room on Pentecost.  (Acts 2:1-39) 

(Top photo by Laura Partain)

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