Conveying the message of the Gospel through their idyllic Christian sound, terce. yearns to have their music rekindle people's hearts to burn brightly for Jesus. Their music is free from ego and the standard parameters of success, with the trio on a mission to fulfill their commission from the Lord while giving back to the community.


Based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, terce. consists of award-winning songwriter Risa Kopp and her two daughters, Lilly and Aggie. Provocatively cinematic, intertwined with piano-driven riffs, and polished off with a tinge of Americana stylings, terce.’s sound is equally as dynamic as it is emotive. Their music pivots around Psalmist and Worship themes, touching upon messages of love and truth, all of which further their ethos of spreading purposeful messages divine in content and in purpose. 

With four singles released to date, terce. is building up towards the release of their debut album, which was recorded in Nashville, TN. Titled 'Seal Upon My Heart', the album is set to release in early 2023, with profits partially going towards music/traveling expenses, and the rest going towards various charities of their hearts.

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